using a blogspot template for a fast design job

I was asked to put together a fast and furious promotional design package for this upcoming event at our university. And what better way to do it than right here? Ultra-fast, ultra-clean and ultra-easy design solution!

What this approach has given me is an instant visual identity, complete with color scheme, typographic scheme, visual side elements (the thin strokes), and of course grid, layout and structure. Such a visual identity normally takes quite some time to put together, but it has turned out to be a cinch here. And once you have this in place, it is very easy to adapt it to other media as well, which is what I may need to do eventually.

I took the Ethereal template, which I have been wanting to play around with anyway, because of those really nice thin lines which you can have running at both sides of your content once you make the main background transparent and keep the border as a color. Added a dark gradient background, changed fonts and colors a bit  - and not even all that much, to be honest. Only problem with this template is that you cannot modify the size of the blog description, unless you go into the code. However, that can very easily be fixed by importing the header text as a png file from photoshop. And here we are:

The organizers may also want a poster at some point. No problem! This is a perfectly aligned, well structured, ready to go layout in which all the visual hierarchies are correctly placed. (Not bragging or anything, nothing that I spent a lot of time figuring out, just works that way - the indigenous web format sees to all of that most efficiently ;-). So, as I already said before, this will adapt itself to other media quite easily. And, since almost everything here is text based there will be no major resizing issues either. All I will need to do therefore, is to print this page as a pdf, at an A2 size (or even larger), open it up in Illustrator, where all of the text will still be editable by the way. Delete whatever isn't working (which will be all the bitmap based stuff), clear the background and the header (again, both are bitmap and won't resize without some very serious loss of quality), and then copy paste the whole shebang into photoshop, which I vastly prefer to Illustrator as a design medium. Add the images, the background, the header and - you have a poster!

Or even change the format (portrait to landscape, different aspect ratios, etc), move the elements around, and you have a flier, an invitation, a brochure - whatever it is that you need really...