Web Critique

  • How does the site look?  good/bad?  appropriate for topic?
  • Everything working?
  • What could be improved?
  • What would you change if it were your site?

Guidelines for Optimum Results from Your Web and Graphic Design Initiatives

Sydney is home to numerous businesses, shops and entrepreneurs that have taken a shot to expand their business via World Wide Web. Online method of reaching out to more potential customers and clients to sell ones products and/or services has grown tremendously in the past decade, but its success depends on the web and graphic design of one’s website.  As you might not have sufficient knowledge of web designing and graphic designing, one of the sure shot ways to succeed is to outsource the work to one of the many web designing professionals available in and around the Sydney area. Here are a few pointers to help you create the perfect website:

1)    Appealing yet Informative
Your website should have the informative content that persuades potential customers or attracts frequent visitors, but at the same time should be visually pleasing. Perfect images that depict your business, good colour combinations, suitable and readable fonts, etc. are a few areas to keep a watch on.

2)    Functionality
Appeal and content are important but equally as important as the functionality of the site. All your links should be working, providing easy access to all web pages and it should not take a long time to download the pages, so the use of large size images and flash videos should be done economically.

3)    User-Friendly
Your site should be easy to use by the customers. It should be easy to navigate and fun to browse through. A bad navigating experience can deter your audience away. One important factor that many a times is left unattended is contact information. Provide email id, phone number, addresses or even social media sites for customers to get in touch with you.

4)    SEO-Driven
Your tags, headlines, descriptions, content, keywords, etc. all should be informative and attractive to not only to customers but also to search engines. There is no point in creating a website, if it is not going to get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. That is why while designing, Search Engine Optimisation strategies must also be kept in mind.

5)    Apt Selection of the Professionals
Last, but not the least is the selection of the professionals who will design your site and add its graphics. Proper scrutiny of their previous work, along with apt review from their customers and proper referrals are a must before selecting anyone for this task.

The above mentioned points are just some of the crucial factors to take note of when taking your business online. Following them will ensure that your site succeeds to attract audience as well as generate business.

Final Reminder

  • 6+ pages(4 for seniors)
  • Professional Layout
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Client/Visitor appropriate colors, theme, images etc.
  • Use software of your choice to the best of your ability
  • Compare your site to another of a similar topic/theme, how does yours stack up? Our goal is for yours to be equally as impressive, professional, and functional.
  • It is often best to incorporate a variety of programs, styles, and techniques.  A well organized site may have a Flash element, Photoshop images/buttons, HTML layout tables/cells, and/or CSS all in one!!!!  Don't pigeon hole yourself into one style of design/code.

You need to design a site, using the program(s) of your choice on a (classroom appropriate) topic of your choice.