Good Website Design is a Must

Why should one have a good website? Especially if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, a website that attracts millions of visitors is a must. A good website will not just make sure of your credibility, but also reap benefits. People normally complain of slow internet connectivity. But to be frank that’s always not true. If a web page is loaded with heavy jpg, gif files and jazzy flash videos, web pages are bound to slow down when it comes to uploading.

                                                                                      Latest web design trends

Over the years internet technology has been rapidly changing and evolving. Web design Sydney makes sure that while designing a web page and subsequently a website latest technology is used. Functionality matters the most not just beauty. The Internet has provided designers with such an enormous stage to get imaginative, create ground-breaking ideas and break design barriers, it allows the designers to apply variations and adapt existing trends to make their mark in the market. Worldwide access to every kind of tool and technique is the heart of the imaginative touch, allowing designers from all over the world to discover new possibilities.

With evolving design trends and techniques, web designers simply love to test with things to come up with artistic and new concepts that attract the visitors. 2011 has been an incredibly important year for web designers; the world has noticed loads of changes in the field of web page designing. Go mobile is the new mantra and everyone seems to follow it; Web pages have reached new levels of sophistication; new coding techniques have vastly improved the ability to get innovative with the design. All in all, it’s been a year that’s moved fast, even by the standards of the web. However it will be tough to predict the evolution of web design industry.

The need of good and intelligent web designers still exists
No doubt there has been a revolutionary change in the field of internet technology but the need of good web designers still exists. Web design Sydney has a dedicated team of good web designers who perfectly understand the value of good designing. They provide a mixture of art and technology, aesthetic sense and programming skills, visually appealing along with rich internet software or online application functionalities making web designing an amazing work of art.

trying out the dynamic templates on blogspot

I am trying out the dynamic viewer that blogspot has recently added to their template collection:

Admittedly, there are a few problems with it - like no link list for example. The post titles are too big and you cannot make them smaller, so I did not give any of the posts titles. The bottom line is, unlike all other blogspot templates, this one does not allow you to edit the HTML. And the advanced customization editor is also very limited in what it can do. Just change colors and fonts basically. As I said, even changing font sizes won't work... Ouch!

And not all the viewing versions look good - the one called "snapshot" looks awful in fact. And you cannot disable them, the visitor gets the choice, which is always listed at the top. (Although I did sort of get around that one by making the type color the same as the background color - teeee heeee).

But still, for something like this that contains photos only, with no big explanations or anything to go with them, it is quite a neat little display system.


The Power of the Web

The Fast and the Furious

No doubts it’s a great movie, but is an inspirational one too. Too often users complain or blame their internet connectivity while surfing. A good website designer should know that the visitor doesn’t have the time and can become impatient. That is like losing a potential customer. Web pages loaded with heavy pictures and flash files take ages to open. At the end the customer either curses the internet service provider or the website itself. So, it becomes crucial to have good web pages that do not take long time to load. Web designing is an art and a good web designer knows exactly what a visitor wants. So, make sure your web designer understand your business proposition. For any businessman the main motto should be – “I am least concerned about who I am, I am concerned about what I can provide”.

Don't Play Cat and Mouse with Your Readers

Information is the key factor for any website. After all a visitor’s primary goal is to hunt for it. While navigating through a web page, the user should be able to get all the information required and that too without much of a hassle. One should never forget the fact that content is the king. Bad quality content drives away customers. Don’t play cat and mouse with your readers. Funny though, some people especially website owners believe that users can easily be mislead using fudgy data. Avoid this. 
Catering to the needs of customers

What the user should be looking at is up to you and the web designer to figure out. To design web pages one must be extremely careful. A good web designer would know how to practically use the following tips –
  • Position — The placement of content matters a lot and the web page should be interactive enough to guide the user
  • Colour — Use bold as and when required and try to use subtle colours
  • Contrast — Being different makes things stand out, while being the same makes them secondary.
  • Size — It does not matter how exhaustive the content /material on the webpage is. All that matters is the placement of the content
It is also highly advisable to make the most of Social Media Optimization. The website should contain RSS Feeds and have presence on Twitter, Orkut and Facebook.

Web Designing – Miracles do not work everyday

Ever imagined why visitors shy away from surfing through your website? No page hits, no visitors. It’s certainly not good for businesses. Right from the inception of worldwide web, almost all the businesses have gone for ‘brick to click’ process. It makes life much simpler. But if there are no visitors to the website everything goes for a toss. One of the foremost reasons why visitors do not wish to surf through the website is bad web design. Website designplays a pivotal role in attracting web traffic.

Bouncing ball 

Web designing an art

Web designing is an art! One must put his/her feet into the shoes of the visitor to understand exactly what a customer seeks. Website designing is not so tedious and takes few days as per requirements. Web design Sydney is one of the pioneers in creating quality websites. Web pages are created using different software (s). Web pages should be attractive as well as interactive. What one must keep in mind while designing a web page is that it should not take ages to open.
Website design Sydney does a good job in creating the right kind of website as per user requirements. Good images are used and navigation made easy. They also make sure that that the website is SEO friendly. After all, maintaining a good Google ranking is important. While web pages should have company brand colours, there is no harm in trying new colour schemes. However, customer is the king and the right to choose colours holds with him. 
Playing with technology

Technology is changing rapidly these days where web designsare concerned. Version 2.0 of web is available; which is fast, robust and more user-friendly. Web design pages are created using HTML and XML. Website designing is an evolving process and rapidly changes. Content is the blood running in veins of websites. No doubt, keywords to implement SEO works most of the times; but Google is evolving too. It doesn’t take a few minutes for Google to track bad SEO techniques. So, one must be extremely cautious while fiddling with keywords. The content of web pages must be user-driven and not overloaded with keywords. 

Web design layout

The web designer must exactly know what kind of a website a user wants. Choosing the right colour schemes, layouts and navigation is important. Placing of content also matters a lot. The end result for any website building is to attract new customers and rake in as much profit as possible.


Web Critique

  • How does the site look?  good/bad?  appropriate for topic?
  • Everything working?
  • What could be improved?
  • What would you change if it were your site?