The Power of the Web

The Fast and the Furious

No doubts it’s a great movie, but is an inspirational one too. Too often users complain or blame their internet connectivity while surfing. A good website designer should know that the visitor doesn’t have the time and can become impatient. That is like losing a potential customer. Web pages loaded with heavy pictures and flash files take ages to open. At the end the customer either curses the internet service provider or the website itself. So, it becomes crucial to have good web pages that do not take long time to load. Web designing is an art and a good web designer knows exactly what a visitor wants. So, make sure your web designer understand your business proposition. For any businessman the main motto should be – “I am least concerned about who I am, I am concerned about what I can provide”.

Don't Play Cat and Mouse with Your Readers

Information is the key factor for any website. After all a visitor’s primary goal is to hunt for it. While navigating through a web page, the user should be able to get all the information required and that too without much of a hassle. One should never forget the fact that content is the king. Bad quality content drives away customers. Don’t play cat and mouse with your readers. Funny though, some people especially website owners believe that users can easily be mislead using fudgy data. Avoid this. 
Catering to the needs of customers

What the user should be looking at is up to you and the web designer to figure out. To design web pages one must be extremely careful. A good web designer would know how to practically use the following tips –
  • Position — The placement of content matters a lot and the web page should be interactive enough to guide the user
  • Colour — Use bold as and when required and try to use subtle colours
  • Contrast — Being different makes things stand out, while being the same makes them secondary.
  • Size — It does not matter how exhaustive the content /material on the webpage is. All that matters is the placement of the content
It is also highly advisable to make the most of Social Media Optimization. The website should contain RSS Feeds and have presence on Twitter, Orkut and Facebook.